Professional Carpet Cleaning Myths

Is all a company needs to clean carpet is the right equipment “True” or “False”? This is the rug cleaning myth we are going to discuss today. Unfortunately, you will find myths in nearly every industry and in addition nearly all of them are false! Here we’re going to discuss a carpet cleaning service myth that customers are curious about. So, is all a carpet cleaning company needs is the proper equipment…the answer to that NO! There are lots of variables that determine whether or not you received a good carpet cleaning service and whether or not it was actually successful or not. All because a company has good equipment doesn’t mean your if you want to get a covering cleaned correctly. Visit Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Kapolei HI

A carpet cleaning professionals appointment kinda begins like a doctors visit. Till the technician arrives on-site to examine the carpet, he or she doesn’t know about the true appearance of the carpet. Once viewed, the technician must derive an answer after which implement it. There will be a number of different variables that begin this process. In other words “The doctor needs to see his/her patient) to decide the issue and then prescribe a remedy.

They’re as shown below:

Overall condition of carpet (soiling, pet issues, drink spills, food contamination, rippling, rips, tears…etc…

Color of carpet

Just how much carpet that has to have cleaning

Type & Sort of carpet (low cut twisted fiber, berber etc….)

Synthetic or Natural fiber (carpet composition)

Age of carpet

Cleaning process needed

Expected result

Pre-Treatment process (as needed)

Drying time involved (different processes and appearance of carpet CAN decide drying time)

Solution needed for cleaning (pet odor, pet staining, food dyes or synthetic dyes etc…)

Temperature of solution had the need to clean (synthetic & natural contrast)

As you can tell, the “Right Equipment” has NOTHING actions you need to take with cleaning carpet correctly. Next, the technician must determine tips on how to “Purge” the contamination correctly. The key used in cleaning the carpet. Carpet manipulation also helps in doing away with soil contamination. Basically, how much effort your technician puts into the cleaning is a “BIG DEAL”…and will affect drying times…the top cannot do everything! Described above are the fundamentals in carpet cleaning. When you enter into heavy stain removal and remediation practices it could be a unique world.

Now, here is where the top comes into play. Yes, an outstanding quality rug cleaning machine can bring improvements, but don’t forget, the technician operating the machine and setting up correctly is evenly important. There will be three basic functions that the carpet cleaning professionals machine performs.

They’re those listed below:

Provide heated solution via Heat Exchanger or Diesel/Propane burner

Produce vacuum via Rotary Blower Vacuum systems (water extraction)

Carpet manipulation (Dual Rotary)


Yes, the top assists the technician in the cleaning process. I’m failing to find anything away from a good quality carpet cleaning machine. Every technician desires to use a high quality machine mainly because of warmth, vacuum and reliability. Does more vacuum assist in cleaning “YES”. Does more heat help in cleaning “YES” but again, needs a good operator to achieve a thorough carpet cleaning with good results.

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