Sometimes It is Better to Hire a Professional Deep Cleaning Company

We know it’s very simple to fall into the trap of thinking that house cleaning should come inexpensive.

We have done when this Initially when we started in this industry.

What we are is that it’s just manual labor right? There isn’t much to it.

But as we learned increasingly about what really goes on at home cleaning service world, it was eventually amazing to me to discover exactly how unregulated it is, especially with regards to independent cleaners on Craigslist or another job posting sites. COVID-19 Professional Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Services Miami FL

So we wanted to quickly reveal to you 5 points that you should consider before hiring an independent maid or professional cleaning company to help you acknowledge the differences.

But before All of us, we simply wanted to quickly speak about the big range in prices and why things will definitely cost the way they’re.

A Big Difference in Pricing

Look online for house cleaning company and you’ll in a short time notice that there are generally 2 price tags with regards to house cleaning:

a) the independent cleaners that are very cheap at $10 – $20 per hour

b) the business cleaning companies which will that can start from $40 per hour up to $80 per hour (and sometimes even more)

With such a big difference it causes you to wonder – will be the costlier cleaning franchises that much better at cleaning your house? What’s so remarkable about getting through a professional house or small business cleaning company?

That can assist you answer that question, we’ve highlighted 6 main reasons why you should select a house cleaning company over a personal house cleaner.

Here’s A few Reasons to Choose a Professional Deep Cleaning Company Over An Independent Cleaner

Trust-worthy cleaners available

The most important thing to contemplate when selecting a deep cleaning cleaner is hiring someone you can trust.

This isn’t something you need to easily brush off.

These cleaners might be into your home and near for your valuables so you need to make it possible for the cleaners are people you’ll be able to trust.

They must also pass a police background check and preferably have taken quite a lot of clients already.

Going through this system may take hours upon hours to discover the right fit.

When you go together with a professional maid service, all the background checks and interviews are fully in dire straits you. For instance, at The Biohazard Cleaning Company, every cleaner we hire gets a complete back end and goes through a few interviews and tests to make sure that whoever is in your home is someone who is reliable, respectful, and knows how to clean.

Back-ups once you need it most

Imagine this scenario: Your in-laws just called to say they’re coming over for a surprise visit on the weekend. It’s Friday and also your cleaner is meant it doesn’t need to be at your house at 8:30 am and it’s now 9:45 am and so they still haven’t shown up. You call their cellphone to discover what’s happening but all you get is the voicemail. You are attempting giving them a call again and again over the morning but get no response.

Now what steps do you take?

The greatest advantage here associated with a maid service is that they normally have a roster of maids that could, more often than not, fill when another maid calls in sick. Many times you won’t even notice only if you were home and saw that likely it was a different maid.

If reliability and keeping cleanings done once you require it are important to you, you ought to definitely consider going with a work cleaning service.

At professional house cleaning companies, you obtain a customer service system in spot for anything else that goes wrong. It is available in hand for stuff like:

The house cleaner hasn’t shown up or is sick? Call customer care they usually they will find a keep a copy or on-call maid to come clean your home.

The cleaner gave the look but missed a are a couple of things through the cleaning? Not a problem, just call support and, if they have ever a service guarantee, they’ll send someone back to wash the thing that was missed at no extra cost to you.

Want to reschedule your appointment? Give proper notice and any cleaning company will gladly reschedule your appointment for you.
Have comments or advises the cleaner but don’t want things to get weird together with your cleaner? Let customer service know and they will relay your concerns in a fashion that doesn’t lead back to you.

When you have 1,000,000 other things to concern yourself with, this sort of support comes you’ll be able to live without.

**Note: At The Biohazard Cleaning Company, we make house cleaning as simple for you as possible. The truth is, we’ve based major part of corporate model on providing a very good clean with a tremendous help for our particular customers.

Cleaning Service Guarantee

Very few independent cleaners (in addition to professional maid services) give you a Cleaning Service Guarantee. Basically, if our cleaners missed anything or in the event you’re not happy with the cleaning service that you just received, let us know within twenty four hours of one’s appointment and we will gladly send another cleaner to wash what has been missed or possibly not properly cleaned – for gratis to you.

The bottom line is that if price have you noticed your main and only concern, you may be setting yourself join a financially demanding mistake later on. What an expert maid service provides is convenience and reassurance with a powerful customer support system if things go wrong.

Anyone inside the house cleaning industry who indicates that they’ve never had an issue reach final minute either has minimal experience or is exactly flat out lying to you. Things happen all the time. Cleaners come down with a disease (or their kids become sick), cars breakdown, people getting lost searching for an address – stuff you can’t even imagine occurring happen for our benefit on an everyday basis.

Should you’re prepared and prefer to deal with after that it great; but if you want someone to deal with that simpler for you while you’re busy while working, running errands, or taking care of other items that life has to perform your way, a cleaning company is probably better for you.

Making a Final Choice

Selecting a deep cleaning company is a fact of life you should take very seriously. They’ll function with your home also in close touch with your most precious valuables. That means not only will you need a person’s fast and efficient, you’ll want someone you possibly can trust as well. You would discover sort of cleaner by going the independent route, but that takes time.

By going with a COVID-19 cleaning company like The Biohazard Cleaning Company, you may feel assured that this cleaner in your home has now undergone a back end and continues to be closely evaluated onto their cleaning ability. Aside from that, but if for some purpose a problem came up, there’s actually a system set up to locate a solution to the problem, fast.

It basically means ease, and for many people, that’s worth the additional cost.

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